At the Fair

With temperatures in the 90’s, I had a hot time at the Alameda County Fair yesterday. I took part in their annual Plein Air Competition. After arriving at the fair and getting my canvas stamped, I not only faced the heat, but also the usual tough decisions. What should I paint? Where should I paint it from? What should I leave in? What should I leave out? All of these decisions need to be made fairly quickly in a timed competition.

I eventually settled into a shady spot with a view of the kiddie rides. I wanted to capture all of the colorful, fun, excitement of the area.  After a slow start, and a few compositional “bumps in the road”, I finally started making progress. With the 5 PM deadline looming, and temperatures soaring, I was working pretty quickly. In the last few minutes, I was making quick gut decisions, based on pure instinct. When you are out of time, that is it.

I am very happy to say that those gut instincts paid off. I was awarded 3rd  place in the competition. What a thrill! The judges said that they chose my piece because the “gutsy, playful, loose, informal style is fabulous”.

What a great feeling to know that there is room for playfulness in art!

At the Fair ©Loralee Chapleau

At the Fair
©Loralee Chapleau


3 thoughts on “At the Fair

  1. Fabulous, Loralee!!  It sounds like it was a real challenging task, out there in the heat.  I love the painting, the color, the movement.  I’m so happy you got third place!  Congratulations!!

    All best wishes, Jessica

    “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”


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