A Vibrant Herritage

Recently, I got together with a few other members of The Joules to go painting at the China Camp State Park in San Rafael, CA. China Camp is an old Chinese shrimping and fishing village from the 1800’s. It is a very popular site for plein air painters due not only to it’s beauty, but also because of the many wonderful artists that have painted there before. In the early 1900’s, the Society of Six, artists known for their expressive style and use of vivid colors, were painting in plein air around the San Francisco Bay Area. China Camp was one of their chosen locations, and it has been a favorite spot for generations of California painters since. One of these “next generation” painters, is our friend and mentor, Jerrold Turner. I like to think of Jerry as the Pied Piper of Plein Air. Anyway, Jerry was there too, painting and cheering us on. We had a great time.


©Loralee Chapleau
China Camp Village

I felt very inspired that day, as I often am, by my fellow painters and the artists that have come before us. I feel privileged to be able to go out painting and be part of this rich and vibrant heritage.


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