Path to Agate Beach

Path to Agate Beach ©Loralee Chapleau 16x20

Path to Agate Beach
©Loralee Chapleau


Last week I got the chance to venture into the elusive coastal community of Bolinas. The residence of Bolinas have a reputation of being a bit reclusive and solitary. Let’s just say they are not exactly looking for the company of tourists or big corporations. I think the truth is that they are just trying to preserve and protect there beautiful home.

Indeed the place is beautiful! The coastline has breathtaking cliffs and the town seems to have stopped off at some nostalgic point in time.  My friend and I had no trouble scouting out a great place to paint. We chose this spot on the path to Agate Beach. Maybe next time will paint a scene in town, or the sunbathers and beachcombers. Perhaps we will even try to catch the surfers on the waves. Oh! The possibilities!


3 thoughts on “Path to Agate Beach

  1. Hi Loralee, I love this painting. The application of paint is interesting and the colors are bold and beautiful. I see some color peeking out from behind; did you use a toned canvas or underpainting?

    • Thank you, Maggie! The color peaking from behind is the under painting. I just did a thin wash of colors defining the large masses. The rest of the paint was applied with a palette knife.

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