The Art of the Escape

Fully Stoked ©Loralee Chapleau 30x24"

Fully Stoked
©Loralee Chapleau


What is escape? How do we escape physically, psychologically, emotionally? Escape is defined as an act of breaking free from confinement or control. How do we as humans escape from our daily lives? That was the question put forth to artists invited to participate in the Eugene O’Neil Festival’s The Art of the Escape.

Around the time that I received this call to artists, I went out painting at Rodeo Beach. When I arrived at the beach the first things I noticed were the many surfers in the water. I found myself in awe of their courage, determination, and desire to catch a wave and ride it. I watched the surfers submerged in the cold ocean water, watching and waiting for the right wave, and then the moments of exhilaration as they mounted the board in perfect balance with the wave. Now that is escape!

This surfer is about to enter the water and take a journey. He is about to escape the mundane and leave behind whatever cares he may have. This surfer is fully stoked!

For more information on this exhibit and the Eugene O’Neil Festival:



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