A Pop of Gray

Old Lakeville Road Vineyards ©Loralee Chapleau 16x20

Old Lakeville Road Vineyards
©Loralee Chapleau


I went back to the vineyards again to paint. The colors were even more glorious than the last time. People may wonder if I get bored painting vineyards. The answer is not at all. I know that this special season won’t last forever, so I like to get out to Wine Country  to paint as much as I can before the leaves fall.

There is a design principle that is employed by many landscape painters in which the artists use many grayed down colors with just a touch of saturated color. This is commonly referred to as a pop of color. It is a very effective technique, but I enjoy using bright, vibrant color. Perhaps I am a fauvist at heart because this scene cried out for full saturation. The light hit the leaves in such a way that the vineyards appeared to be scorching with color. Why would I want to gray them down?

Some artists use a pop of color. I use a pop of gray!


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