Crop to Selection

Cliffs Near Bodega Bay ©Loralee Chapleau

Cliffs Near Bodega Bay
©Loralee Chapleau


Earlier this fall, I went on a painting trip with a group of artists to the Russian River. On the way home we stopped to paint the cliffs on Highway 101 north of Bodega Bay. It was a beautiful, clear day, and the sound of the ocean was mesmerizing. Knowing that we had limited time, I may have bit off more than I could chew when I selected a 14 x 18 inch canvas. The time slipped away, as it usually does when I am deeply involved with a painting, and it was time to leave. My 14 x 18 inch painting was unfinished. Perhaps I could finish it at home, from memory?

Well, the painting sat for weeks, as I was unsure of how to resolve it with out being on site. There was a lot of interesting elements to the painting and some dynamic energy, but I just couldn’t see it working out the way it was. Then, last week I read a blog post from a terrific artist, Ann Blair Brown, about “dud” plein air paintings. Sometimes she crops the ones that just don’t quite work as they are. This seemed like the right idea for my unresolved painting. I have decided to crop my painting as shown above, and I am thinking the the other areas may make interesting abstract minis.

Ocean Collage ©Loralee Chapleau

Ocean Collage
©Loralee Chapleau


This is a collage using the other parts of the original painting. The options seem endless. Who knew that duds could be so much fun?

Here is a link to Ann Blair Brown’s blog post.






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