Sherbert Delight!

Sherbert Delight ©Loralee Chapleau 20x20 oil on canvas

Sherbert Delight
©Loralee Chapleau
20×20 oil on canvas

It is that time of year again! Summer is nearly here. It is time to open up the swimming pools and let the summer festivities begin. When I was a child in Vermont, getting to go to a pool was a special treat. Backyard pools were not nearly as common as they are here in sunny California. Being poolside still gives me that exhilarating feeling that I had as a child. That is why this was such a fun subject to paint.

Other special summertime treats were of the frozen variety. We enjoyed ice-cream, Popsicles, and  fruity sherbet, which we called “sherbert.” As soon as I painted this, I stepped back from my easel and exclaimed, “it looks like sherbert!” It’s funny how memories can come sneaking through a painting.

Here is to summertime memories, the ones from long ago and the new ones that we will make. I hope your summer is a delight!


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