I grew up in the idyllic New England state of Vermont. As a girl there, I was inspired by the ever changing beauty of the seasons. I began to find ways to express that inspiration through art. Through the years, I have expressed my creative energy through drawing, painting, doll making, and other art forms.

I have traveled throughout Europe, to places such as Scotland, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, and Greece. I find traveling and viewing new places as a source of inspiration. Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, I began oil painting in Plein Air. The mild climate and natural beauty of the area provide many opportunities to try to capture the light, colors, and textures in oil paint.  Plein Air painting combines my love of nature, travel, creativity, and meeting new people. It also allows me to bring the lessons I have learned in the field into the art studio.
Grizzly peak 2


2 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you for your comment, Anita. This is the time of year that I get a little homesick for Vermont. I find that getting out to paint is the best medicine for that. Aren’t we lucky to be painters? It allows us to see the beauty where ever we are.

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