Autumn Light

The Light Beyond the Trees ©Loralee chapleau 11x14

The Light Beyond the Trees
©Loralee chapleau

I love the golden glow of autumn light. That is exactly what moved me to paint this scene. The light beyond the dark and shaded trees seemed to set the distant foliage aglow. I think this pleasant scene captures the feel of the season.

I painted this in plein air behind the Firehouse Arts Center. It will be on view there, along with other paintings done in and around the Firehouse, from November 12th through December 16th.


Ghost Barn

Ghost Barn © Loralee Chapleau

Ghost Barn
© Loralee Chapleau
18″ x 14″

I went out painting with a couple of friends yesterday and the spirit of Halloween was in the air. I  was in the mood to paint with the warm colors of fall, field gold, squash yellow, and pumpkin orange.  After spending some time driving around, looking for a scene, we ended up at the Bull Valley Staging area above Eckley Pier, along Carquinez Scenic Drive. Across the way, there is a large red barn perched on the hillside. This seemed like a good subject for fiery autumn colors. Well, some how along the creative journey, that Halloween spirit began to show through. It wasn’t until I stopped painting and stepped back that I realized there were a couple of friendly ghosts peeking from the barn window. Can you see them?

Scene from Bull Valley Staging Area

Scene from Bull Valley Staging Area