Autumn Light

The Light Beyond the Trees ©Loralee chapleau 11x14

The Light Beyond the Trees
©Loralee chapleau

I love the golden glow of autumn light. That is exactly what moved me to paint this scene. The light beyond the dark and shaded trees seemed to set the distant foliage aglow. I think this pleasant scene captures the feel of the season.

I painted this in plein air behind the Firehouse Arts Center. It will be on view there, along with other paintings done in and around the Firehouse, from November 12th through December 16th.


Autumn in the Vineyard

Autumn in the Vineyard ©Loralee Chapleau 14x18

Autumn in the Vineyard
©Loralee Chapleau


The leaves are beginning to change in Wine Country. Since I was a young girl growing up in Vermont, the radiant colors of fall foliage have amazed me. One of the most awe-inspiring sights I can think of is sunlight illuminating autumn leaves. This is my first attempt of the season to try and capture some of that splendor in oil. Although my brushes are no match for nature’s, it is pleasant to while away an afternoon trying.

The Last of the Fall Color

Last Colors

Last Colors
© Loralee Chapleau

At the end of November the group that I paint with went out to the countryside in Fairfield. Being in the same vicinity as Napa, there are a fair number of vineyards there. On the day that we painted, the colors of the grape leaves were past their vibrant peak. Though more muted and beginning to fade, the colors were undeniably autumn. I decided I was going to attempt to capture the last of the fall color on my canvas.

Last Colors, 2 ©Loralee Chapleau

Last Colors, 2
©Loralee Chapleau

Wine Country Color

Vineyard, Old Lakeville Rd © Loralee Chapleau

Vineyard, Old Lakeville Rd
© Loralee Chapleau
14″ x 18″

California has a fall foliage season of it’s own. Around here, the place to go “leaf peeping” is wine country. This past Sunday, the vineyards on Old Lakeville Road in Sonoma County were radiant in the California sunshine.