Autumn Light

The Light Beyond the Trees ©Loralee chapleau 11x14

The Light Beyond the Trees
©Loralee chapleau

I love the golden glow of autumn light. That is exactly what moved me to paint this scene. The light beyond the dark and shaded trees seemed to set the distant foliage aglow. I think this pleasant scene captures the feel of the season.

I painted this in plein air behind the Firehouse Arts Center. It will be on view there, along with other paintings done in and around the Firehouse, from November 12th through December 16th.


Rain, Rain, Come Today!

Shades of Blue ©Loralee Chapleau 30 x 24 oil

Shades of Blue
©Loralee Chapleau
30 x 24 oil

Well, the Governor of California declared a drought today. Most of us Californians already know it has been the driest year on record. It is hard to complain on a January day, when the sun is shinning and the temperature is about 70 degrees, but we could really use some rain. Keeping all of this in mind, I decided to hang my rainy day painting “Shades of Blue” at the Bagel Street Cafe in Pleasanton.

Bagel Street Cafe, Pleasanton

Bagel Street Cafe, Pleasanton CA

Bagel Street Cafe is a great little bagel shop with a lot of locations around the Bay Area. They are a very “art friendly” business. Artists from the Pleasanton Art League and the Alamo Danville Artist Society get to hang paintings in their neighborhood locations.

Today, the Pleasanton Art League Circuit hung new paintings at the Pleasanton location. I have two in this exhibit. They will be on display for the next three months. Let’s hope my rainy painting isn’t the only rain we get between now and then.

Rough Waters ©Loralee Chapleau 16 x 20 oil

Rough Waters
©Loralee Chapleau
16 x 20 oil

A Quick Sketch


©Loralee Chapleau
A Quick Sketch

On Friday mornings, you will often find me meeting with my fellow artists at the ACC/Art Critique and Coffee in Pleasanton. This is a fun, supportive group of artists that like to get together and share their work over a cup of coffee and a pastry. We meet at various cafes and restaurants around town. Sometimes we will even do a little sketching and painting.

Today, I did this quick sketch of my fellow artist, Gregg Skuce. While I was painting, a new business owner offered me a commission to do a painting of his new bakeshop. You never know where new opportunities are waiting for you!